I Haven’t Been Blogging about My Passion…

I’ve decided to prioritize:

First, I want to apologize for holding back from those of you who are following this blog.

I haven’t been blogging about my passion.

As a result, my power hasn’t really been shining through.

But now, since I’m focusing on and following my passion, I’ve started a Facebook group/forum–centered on that passion, which is:


Liberty is my passion.

Self-reliance–in any form, and to any degree–are what I’m most passionate about.

And, what’s equally important to me…

…is empowering others to achieve whatever level of self-reliance they’re seeking to build.

If you share my passion, come on over and join the forum (click the screenshot):


I’d love to see you there!

Thanks for reading!

–Josh “Mad Thrad” Campbell

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Tips on Gardening for a Self-Sustainable Lifestyle: Do’s, Don’ts, and Plenty of Underwear for Council Members…

Gardening for a Self-Sustainable Lifestyle:

…with some humorous, weird comments.


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The Way to Safely Build a Rainwater Harvesting System; the March of the Rubbermaid Cans…

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More Youngevity Reviews: Read This if you’re Buying Youngevity Products Soon!

Actually, I wrote this as a sort of press release for my friends on Facebook who promote Youngevity Products.

But, maybe you’ll be interested in the subject matter!

Check it out!

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How to Make Money Blogging: a Scooter, Two Bags of Possessions, and Alec’s Willpower…

Alec Learned How to Make Money Blogging, and So Can Anybody;

Listen to Alec tell about helping his grandparents, driving U-Haul trucks, and more!

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Building a Successful Online Business: the Secret Formula that Made Tony Rush into a $300,000 Earner

The formula for building a successful online business:

What Made Tony Rush in Where Wussies Fear to Tread?

Read more to find out:

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For Those Facing Personal Bankruptcy: Disconnect from Despair, and Connect with Knecht…

Kevin and Melissa defeated personal bankruptcy…

And they tell their story in one of my favorite audios!

Read all about it:

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